V-Cone Flowmeter

V-Cone Flowmeter

V-Cone Flowmeter

·         We provide products with materials, pressure scales, technologies, and accuracy classes to meet your implementation systems.

·         The products are in compliance with European and International standards

o    The V-Cone Flow Meter is an advanced differential pressure flow meter for use with liquid, steam, or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low-cost operation and long life are important.

o   The V-Cone flow meter offers better accuracy and repeatability, outperforming traditional differential pressure flow measurement devices and other major flow technologies.

o   These flow meters can be easily customized as per the needs of the industry. 

We are pleased to inform you that the Premier Petroleum Supplier is our sole representative in Egypt.

Their address and contact details are as follows:

Premier Petroleum Supplier
671 Al Andalous 2 buildings, 5th Settlement,
Postal code 11865, New Cairo, Egypt
Mobile & WhatsApp: +201001230271
Landline: +20221076727
Fax: +20221076679
Email: info@premps.com
يسعدنا أن نبلغكم أن شركة بريميير للبترول هي الممثل الوحيد لنا في مصر.

عنوانهم وتفاصيل الاتصال هي كالتالي:

671 مباني الأندلس 2، التجمع الخامس،
الرمز البريدي 11865، القاهرة الجديدة، مصر
الجوال وواتساب: +201001230271
الهاتف الثابت: +20221076727
الفاكس: +20221076679
البريد الإلكتروني: info@premps.com
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